Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to be an LCF member?

A: It's easy! You are a member when you consider yourself one (we have no requirements, initiations, dues or tests). You can be involved in LCF a lot or a little. For "official" purposes, we count people as members if they come to at least one activity (Bible study, prayer group, Large Group, fellowship, etc.) at least half the time.

Q: Is LCF a church?

A: LCF is a campus fellowship. We hope our members will be part of local churches (in fact, we require all of our leaders to regularly attend a local church -- we want to cooperate, not compete). Groups like IV are often called "parachurch": groups that come alongside the church in (we hope) a mutually beneficial way.

Q: Is LCF affiliated with a denomination?

A: LCF has no denominational affiliation. We are a group of students from many denominations and church backgrounds, committed to living out Christ's call together, no matter our differences.  LCF members represent most of the major denominations, and are primarily traditional Evangelicals.

Q: Are Catholics welcome?

A: Yes! Christians of all denominations are welcome.  There are some Catholics who are members of LCF, and some involved in leadership.  There are also some Catholics who prefer to gather with only fellow Catholics. If you are interested in fellowshipping with other Catholics, please contact St. Joe's (contact info. in our church connection).  St. Joseph is the parish officially tending LU students, though there are others (a faculty member associated with LCF, for example, attends St. Pius).  We welcome our Catholic brothers and sisters.

Q: Who is that tall, old guy who's always hanging around?

A: That's Tim Webster, our InterVarsity staff worker. Tim lives just down the street from Trever Hall with his family, and pastors LCF as an IV staff worker (he is NOT an employee of the University, though he is a LU alum). Tim is an all around good guy, knowledgeable, friendly and hilarious, and a great campus ministry resource. Wondering if you can call him up or stop by? Do both! His number is 991-0477, and his address is 837 E. South St.

Q: What is Large Group, Remix, Unplugged, or Gathering?

A: Every Wednesday night we gather to worship in song, prayer and scripture readings. There is also a weekly speaker, usually a pastor from a local church, faculty member, or student. We have different formats (Remix is high energy, Unplugged is LCF "comfort food", etc.), but they are always Wed. night at 9pm, and usually in the campus center 225 Hurvis room. Past topics have covered spiritual disciplines, doctrinal issues, evangelism, etc. We aim to make it a welcoming place, so come and find people, meet people, or just take it all in from the back row!

Q: If Lawrence is a university that values and promotes reason, then why is there a faith-based organization?

A: As Christians, we believe that we are called to be a light in the University, and to seek truth in our academic study.  We are believing students committed to developing a Christian academic worldview.  Although the University does not officially sanction religion, the University values academic excellence, integrity and discipline.  We believe that Jesus provides the best foundation for these values. 

Q: Does Lawrence sanction religion?

A: Lawrence is officially a secular school, and the administration and faculty do not officially promote religion on campus. There are, however, many Christians in the faculty and administration, and the University is generally very supportive of LCF.

Q: Does Lawrence persecute Christians?

A: Although there are some on the Lawrence campus who show animosity towards Christianity, the University is by and large very supportive of LCF. Lawrence encourages acting on our strong convictions, and therefore supports LCF in that endeavor.

Q: Can LCF help me find a church?

A: Yes. LCFers attend churches all over Appleton. If you're looking for a ride to church (or someone to walk with) on Sunday morning please check out the church connection page. There you will find ride information as well as recommendations for various kinds of churches and even directions and service times!

Q: Is LCF the only Christian organization on campus?

A: Currently, LCF is the only LUCC recognized student group that is explicitly Christian. You will find Christians in many other groups (like Habitat) as well as churches that sponsor college age groups (sometimes with events on campus). In the past, there have been other similar groups like FCA, Campus Crusade, etc. Way back, Lawrence had YMCA, YWCA, the Oxford club, and others.

Q: Who is in charge?

A: Well, God ultimately. As a student organization, students lead with the help and mentorship provided by IV staff, faculty advisors, and Campus Life.  LCF has all sorts of leadership opportunities with varying time commitments and responsibility.  In fact, LCF is a great place to learn to be a leader. 

Q: Are there any requirements for leaders?

A: Yes, there are four requirements: (1) leaders must apply to the leadership selection committee; (2) they must affirm a statement of faith; (3) they must agree with the goals and principles of LCF; and (4) they must regularly attend a local church.  These requirements exist so that we know that all the leaders are committed to and agree on the same basic aspects of LCF and Christianity.  Leadership selection takes place third term, and more information will be available during Term II.

Q: Who can I talk to if I want to know more about Christianity or LCF?

A: There are a whole bunch of people who are happy to talk more listed on our leaders contact page.