The Coordinator's team is responsible for...

Missions Coordinator

Chapter President, 2014-2015

Outreach/ Large Group Emcee

Chapter Administrator

Worship Coordinator

Student leaders in studies, worship team, arts, service opportunities, etc, etc.

 Jordan Peterson Bible Study Leader--(location) 
 Katie Nelson         Friday Lunch Discussion
    Worship Team    
 Phillip Jindra  
 Mary Rose Moss  
 Angela Como  
 Kelsey Webber  
 Evelina Vang              
 Annabelle Tsai       
 Charlie Martin      
 Stephanie Sungberg  
 Raissa Ashman          
 Rachelle Huffman  

 LCF is privileged to have two campus ministers who spend a great deal of time at Lawrence with us, ministering to students, working with leaders, teaching, praying, loving and helping us serve Jesus together. 


Tim is LCF's InterVarsity Staff Worker. He is a Lawrence alumnus, and has been back working with LCF for XX years! He and his family live just off campus, and many LCF events happen there during the year.


Lyndsey is a minister with His House Christian Fellowship. This will be her third year at Lawrence. She is originally from Illinois and attended Eastern Illinois University. 

LCF also has a number of staff and faculty advisors, more than any other club at Lawrence! Our advisors are frequently present at LCF events; they participate in our Large Group meetings, joining us in worship and fellowship, and often they are speakers.