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If you just got an account, here is some info to get you oriented!
  1. What is here.  LCF has signed up for a free google apps site and registered a domain:  As an account holder, you get a start page (where you log on), email, calendar, documents, and sections like this called "sites."  
  2. Navigate.  Your start page has some pre-loaded links we've put in for you.  Once you get to mail, calendar, documents, or sites you have a little navigation line at the top left of the page. 
  3. Set up your email to forward to the account you check most often.  Our email is gmail (Google Mail) personalized for LCF.  Many of us have several email addresses, but it is usually best to receive your email in just one place.  Set up your email to forward to some other account (like, or or vice versa at the other service (you might play around with both to see which you'd like to use as "home base").  Follow Email Setup for more explicit instructions for various services.  
  4. Personal Calendar.  You can use your calendar to keep track of your life (and share with your friends -- we all want to know what you are up to), or add additional calendars if your life is complicated.  Click on the little down arrow next to the calendar bar for settings.  You can choose to show only "free/busy" to others.
  5. LCF Calendars.  We've already made a couple public calendars that you should display.  One is LCF events, the other is called LU and is a simplified copy of the official LU calendar containing stuff of general interest to LCFers (like LCF member recitals, academic calendar, etc.).  Click "Add" just above "My Calendars" on the right.  A search on "LCF appleton" will find both of these calendars.  Just checkmark them and they will appear on your list.  There are also lots of other public calendars you can add (like Holidays). 
  6. Drive (formerly called Documents).  The handiest use for the document section is for creating things that multiple people might need to modify (like the announcement presentation for LG -- this is called "sharing").  You can also use it for your private word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software if you like.  These apps are like simplified versions of commercial apps you already use like MS Word (and they can import/export to popular desktop software).  One major advantage is your files are available at any computer with internet access.
  7. Customize your Start Page or Sites with Gadgets.  Google (along with many others) have created little services or applets call "gadgets" (like video embedding, a weather forecast window, or facebook link).  Click the "add stuff->" link on the right of your start page, or Edit then Insert on a site page, then browse around for fun gadgets to add.  
  8. Change or create new Sites.  Think of google sites as a build-your-own website or a wiki on steroids.  Some of the LCF sites are public (for everyone), others are just for a particular set of people working on a team or project together.  Click "my sites" in the upper right corner to see which sites you can access.  You can create a site for yourself, your team, small group, etc. and share it.  Those sharing a site can customize, modify, or add gadgets.  Many pages will have an "edit" button.  You can make changes (or add pages) if you like.  Just remember that changes you make will affect everyone who accesses that site.
Have a good time!  Ask Cody or Tim if you have any questions.