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Basic Account Setup

This page is on the member site, .  The working site for leaders is
  1. Navigate to the leaders site above to make sure you have access.  If not, contact a leader.  You can navigate directly to the site via (bookmark it), or though your google apps site page.  You should see "Sites" on the top line above.  If LCF leaders doesn't show up, you may need to search available sites from that page. 
  2. Set up your email.  You now have at least two email accounts (LCF and Lawrence), maybe more.  Set up your LCF email so that it ends up in the account you check most often (i.e. so you will notice and read it).  To simply forward from your new LCF email click here, or you can look over more general email setup instructions
  3. Student leaders and IV staff communicate with each other through the Leaders Posts page on the Leaders site.  It is very important that you subscribe to leaders posts so that you get important communication.  Navigate to that page click the "more actions" box (see explicit instructions here if you have trouble).
OPTIONAL:  If you like, you can subscribe to notifications for the entire leaders site (you will then be notified of page changes anywhere on the LCF Leaders site), though that may be more than you need.  To subscribe to entire site changes, navigate to the leaders site home page.  Click the "more actions" button and click "subscribe to site changes."