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Email Setup

How to Decide Where to Read Your Email

Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Lawrence mail, etc. -- it really doesn't matter much which you pick if you use a web-based email client (they are all free and they all can be set to automatically forward).  Here are some factors you might consider:
  • They all have a different user interface.  You might want to try them out.  Which do you like best?  Have all the others forward to your favorite.
  • Your Lawrence email is your official address as a student.  These accounts don't have as much space as gmail and will go away after you graduate.  Don't let this account fill up, or you might miss some important university correspondence!
  • If you use other features of a particular service (like an address book or calendar), using email from that same service generally makes sense, because often these features work together (like meeting invites that can be automatically added to your calendar).

LCF (gmail) to Lawrence

Follow these instructions if you want email sent to your LCF account ( to automatically forward to your Lawrence account ( so you can read it all there. 
  1. log in to your LCF-LU account (you will need a user name and password)
  2. click "email" in the blue bar on your start page
  3. click "settings" in the upper right hand corner
  4. click the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab
  5. click the radio button by "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" and type in your Lawrence email address
  6. choose an option from the drop-down menu, usually just "delete Lawrence Christian Fellowship's copy" because you probably don't need the email in two places

Lawrence to LCF (gmail)

Follow these instructions if you want email sent to your Lawrence account ( to automatically forward to your LCF account ( so you can read it all there.
  1. Log into Lawrence Webmail using the Legacy layout
  2. Click "Rules" at the top of the page
  3. Select the box next to "Redirect All Mail to:"
  4. Enter your LCF email address in the box
  5. It's up to you whether you want to check the 3 boxes below, I would recommend only selecting the 3rd box.
    • If you select "Keep a copy", Lawrence webmail will keep a copy, which might fill up your space and cause messages to bounce back if you don't empty them out regularly
    • If you select "Do not Redirect Automatic Messages", it will not forward email errors, and such.
    • If you select "Preserve To/CC Fields", you will be able to see who the email was sent to (i.e., your Lawrence or your LCF email address, other people who were included in the email, etc.)
  6. Click the "Update" button

Yahoo! Mail

**[someone who knows Yahoo with edit rights please click "edit page" button and write in some instructions here]


I don't think you can forward Facebook messages, but you can set up Facebook with email notifications when a message (or poke, or wall writing, etc.) is sent to you. 
  • Log in to Facebook and click on Profile Edit
  • On the Contact tab click Add/Remove Emails
    • From the Settings tab you can change your contact email
    • From the Notifications tab you can set up any number of automatic email notifications
We have also put in a handy Facebook gadget on your start page (you can remove it if you like or browse for other Facebook gadgets).  The gadget will indicate if you have messages.  You can see it every time you log on, and this may be all you need to keep track of facebook.  

Sending Emails from your Lawrence Address through LCF Mail

I often find it useful to have the emails I send list their reply address as "" instead of "". This is especially useful when emailing people at Lawrence, since this is the address that they expect from another Lawrentian. If you want to use the LCF Mail interface, but still want your emails to say they are from the Lawrence address, here is how to set that up:
  1. Go into your LCF Mail.
  2. Click on the "Settings" button at the top
  3. Click on the "Accounts" tab
  4. In the "Send Mail as:" section, click "Add another email address"
  5. Enter your Lawrence email address, then click "Next Step"
  6. Click "Send Verification"
  7. Log into Lawrence Webmail and wait for the confirmation email (If you already set Lawrence webmail to forward to your LCF account, it might come to your LCF inbox instead, and this might take a while).
  8. Click the link in the email to verify.
  9. Go back to the Settings/Accounts page of LCF Mail
  10. Click "Make Default" for the email address which you want to be your default (when you send a message, this is the address that it will automatically use)
  11. Click the button next to "Reply from the same address the message was sent to", so that when you reply to an email, it will use the same address as the one it was sent to.
  12. When you compose an email, there will be a drop-down "From" section, so that you can choose which address you want to use.

Transfering Email from an Existing Gmail Account (or any POP mail server)

You might be saying, "but I already use gmail, can I transfer my old email into my new LCF email?"  Yes, by using Google's Mail Fetcher, , you can automatically get the old mail as well as any new mail that comes to your old account without having to forward it. 
First, you must login to your existing gmail account, then
  1. click Settings
  2. tab to Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  3. select Enable POP for all mail
  4. click Save Changes
(This will probably work for any mail server account that can be enabled for POP access, but the specific steps to enable POP will probably be different than 1-4 above.)
Next, login to your LCF email, then
  1. click Settings
  2. tab to Accounts
  3. click Add another email account
  4. enter the address and password from your old gmail account (or account information from your existing POP mail server)
  5. you can probably use the suggestions from Google for the rest of the settings, except change "send mail from your old account" to "no" unless you plan to continue using that old account (or want mail to appear to come from there for some other reason). See "Sending Emails from your Lawrence Address" above to learn more about this kind of thing.

Using "" email address

[NOTE: after '09, we dropped the LCFalum domain because Google placed limits on free apps accounts.  If IVCF picks up apps as a non-profit, we may be able to re-establish this service] has an email alias called  We set this up so that LCFers who graduate can continue to use LCF email.  Actually, anyone who signs up for an account will automatically be able to use either address, e.g. or  Any nicknames you set up will also work with LCFalum. 

Additional email nicknames

A nickname is different from an email alias -- your username and any nicknames go before the "@" in your email.  So, for example, Norman Smith the LCFer might have the following nicknames:,,,  Just ask an LCF administrator for a nickname.